1 – Introduction

DigitalCook has established itself in the digital service market as the guarantor of customers’ personal data. Since its creation, our company has been the forerunner in personal data protection. Indeed, we are aware of the numerous challenges of collecting information. However, respecting privacy is at the heart of our work ethics. Therefore, preserving confidentiality and managing files in complete transparency consist the basis of our values. The current charter is designed to provide you with all details of data records that can be collected when visiting our website.

2 -The management of personal data

Browsing our website (www.digitalcook.com) is completely secure. We don’t have any requirements or restrictions for browsing our website tabs. However, using our specific solutions requires us to collect your personal data in order to establish contact with our customers and facilitate the processing of their projects in a timely manner.

These exceptions are limited, justified and strictly regulated as follows:

Ensuring interactions with your comments or ensuring a prompt response to a request made through our website.
The creation of exclusive access to our website for our partners.
Mentioning our customers’ suggestions.

Likewise, your personal data can be used to:

Improve the quality of our website.
Evaluate the satisfaction of our customers.
Invite our clients to discussion forums.
Interact with your applications online.
Obtain statistics on the traffic of our website

Moreover, your personal data can help us offer you exclusive plans on our solutions or for marketing purposes.

In all these cases, your data will never be illegally used or without your consent.

3 – How long do we keep your personal data?

We will keep your personal data for the duration of our contractual and/ or commercial relations and as long as you are one of our customers.

After our contractual and/ or commercial relations come to an end, we will archive your personal data for five years.

We will not keep your data beyond three years after our last contact, if you are a prospect without a contractual and/ or commercial relationship established with DigitalCook.

If you have applied for a position with us but weren’t successful, we will delete any information that you have shared with DigitalCook within a period that doesn’t exceed two years from its collection.

Login information collected for the aforementioned security, maintenance and improvement purposes will not be retained beyond one year of collection.

4 – Your Personal Data Transfer

4 . 1 World organization

DigitalCook is a multinational company. Although we have separate legal entities (subsidiaries in different countries) in various regions of the globe, our infrastructure and internal systems are international and cross-border.

Therefore, it is worth noting that your personal data may be shared with the different departments within our group. It can also be transferred to countries where we have data centers or where we are present in another way, including countries outside of the European Union.

All transfers of personal data are protected by our Binding Corporate Rules, approved by the European Data Protection Authorities in 2016. Thanks to DigitalCook’s Binding Corporate Rules, your personal data will have the same level of protection anywhere we process it.

4.2 External suppliers

DigitalCook may share your personal data with our external suppliers and partners for the purposes indicated above and only for marketing.

When we reach out to suppliers and external service providers, we ensure that they dispose of an adequate level of data protection.

When suppliers and external service providers are located outside of the European Union, DigitalCook supervises the transfer by the standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission.

4.3 Government, public and / or judicial authorities

DigitalCook is also bound by laws, court rulings and / or requests from public and governmental authorities inside or outside your country of residence regarding the disclosure of your personal data.

In addition, we may disclose your personal data if we determine that disclosure is required or appropriate for reasons of national security or law enforcement of public importance.

If disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, we may disclose your personal data by using available resources, enforcing our terms and conditions, for fraud investigation purposes or to protect our users and operations.

5 – Business restructuring

All of the measures mentioned above can allow personal data (potential or existing) to be communicated with customers.

Either through purchasing new businesses or selling or merging existing businesses, DigitalCook is constantly restructuring its operations worldwide. We also ensure the protection of confidentiality. This also concerns personal data that is communicated in this process.

6 – Your rights

You have the right to file a complaint to the competent data protection authority.

In addition, you can request the receipt of your personal data in a standardized and structured format.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data or request its restriction.

With DigitalCook, you have the right to access your personal data regardless of the cause. You can also request that your personal data be rectified or deleted.

Please send us an email is you have any requests or complaints.

7 – Data security and integrity

DigitalCook uses numerous technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data. These are used or transferred against loss, misuse or falsification or destruction. Since Internet is open to all and not secure, DigitalCook cannot be held responsible for the security of personal data transmission over the Internet.

8 – External websites

DigitalCook websites provide links to external websites. We make no warranties or statements related to these websites.

It’s important to note that the owners and operators of these websites may collect, use or even transfer personal data under terms and conditions different from those of DigitalCook.

Each website has different measures of confidentiality and security, it’s important to be informed about these measures when you visit a new website.

9 – Current Charter Updates Notification

We expect most of changes or updates to the current charter to be minor. If we need to make significant changes to the policy, we will post an apparent notice on our website’s home page before the change becomes effective.

Our charter was updated on February 12, 2021. DigitalCook may periodically modify this charter to remain in conformity with technological developments, industry practices as well as regulatory requirements.

10 – Cookies

This website uses cookies. By using our website, you agree to cookies being placed on your computer as explained below.

Cookies are small data files that the websites you visit send to the internet browser you are using. Cookies have several purposes, but the essential role of cookies is to make your navigation on a website easier by remembering user preferences and improving user experience. These cookies can then be stored on your computer for identification.

The cookies used on this website are either set by our website or by another one. They can be either session cookies or permanent cookies:

A session cookie is a cookie that is automatically deleted as soon as the user closes the browser.
A permanent cookie remains stored on the user’s computer until its expiration date. The cookies used on the DigitalCook website have a maximum lifespan of 12 months.

10.1 Types of cookies:

The following are the types of cookies we use on our website:

Strictly necessary cookies: These are essential cookies in order to navigate our website and benefit from all of its features, such as accessing certain secure Internet pages. In the absence of these cookies, certain requested services cannot be provided.

The strictly necessary cookies used on the DigitalCook website are registered visitor cookies. These cookies allow a website to save the user’s choice of settings in order to offer more improved and personalized features. For example, a cookie can take into account the geographical area in which a user is located in order to provide information relating to a specific country or region.

Functional cookies: These cookies can be used to remember changes the user makes to the size of text, fonts or other parts of web pages. They can also be used to provide certain requested services, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. These cookies cannot track user browsing activity on other websites and do not collect any user information that could be used for advertising purposes. The functional cookies used on the DigitalCook website are functional cookies from registered visitors and plug-in social content sharing cookies.
Performance cookies: These cookies are used in order to collect information on how visitors use our website such as their most visited pages or the appearance of error messages on certain pages. All information collected through these cookies is anonymized, and collected for the sole purpose of developing and tracking traffic trends on our website and improving the way it operates. This information is for the exclusive use of DigitalCook and is not shared with other companies or linked to any other information. The performance cookies used on the DigitalCook website are analytical cookies and cookies from unregistered visitors.
Targeting and advertising cookies: These cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign that delivers targeted advertisements that are relevant to users and have limited reappearance. These cookies count the visits made by users to the website and this information is then shared with other parties (such as advertising agencies). At the request of the third party, these cookies would very often be linked to a specific functionality of the website. Our website does not contain any advertising related to any other entity. We only use targeting cookies to analyze data. We use third parties to collect information that allows us to assess the audience of the advertising links to our website.  This also allows us to provide targeted advertising on other websites. Third party social media websites may collect certain information (such as IP address, browser type, language used, or time of access) if the user is logged in to these websites while browsing our website. These websites may also combine the information collected with user profile information available on their own site. We do not control these third-party tracking technologies, so we recommend that users of our website read the terms of use and the privacy policy of these third-party websites before using them.

10.2 Use of cookies:

DigitalCook may use personal data collected by our cookies in order to analyze our website users’ behavior. The performance cookies that are used on our website do not collect personal data. However, other cookies may collect personal data, including information from cookies that are placed by our advertising links on third-party websites. In particular if:

The visitor is a registered user.
Our company sends you a targeted email including either web beacons, cookies or similar technologies. We will be notified if you open this message either to read or delete it.
You click on an advertising link in an email we sent you. This cookie can be used to identify the website pages you visit or the content you download, even if you are not registered or logged in.

The following is a list of the main cookies that we use on our website:

Registered visitor cookie: this cookie is assigned to each registered user.
Functional cookie of a registered visitor: this cookie is used to register the unique identifier assigned to each registered user.
Plug-in social content sharing cookie: these are cookies set up through services such as Facebook connect or Twitter Button. These cookies allow you to share the content of our sites on social networks.
Unregistered visitor cookie: this cookie is used to assign unregistered visitors a unique identifier to recognize them. The identifier also analyzes how visitors use the site.
Analytical cookie: this cookie is used to store the URL address of previously visited web pages. It also helps track the navigation of visitors from outside our website. When you click on an advertising link from a third-party website, a cookie is placed on your computer to record this and measure the audience for our advertisements. This assures us that our advertisements are efficient.
Google Analytics: The cookies that are placed by Google Analytics are only used for analytical purposes. They do not allow individual monitoring of users. For more information on Google Analytics and how it uses this data as well as the rights associated with cookies use, please consult the personal data protection charter. You can also refuse the collection of personal data via Google Analytics. In this case, you can download and install the browser add-on in order to deactivate Google Analytics.
Doubleclick Floodlight: These cookies are used for targeting campaigns. For more details on their uses, please consult the personal data protection charter of Doubleclick Floodlight.
Bluekai: these cookies are used on LinkedIn for targeting purposes. For more details on how they are used, please consult Bluekai’s personal data protection charter.
Mediamath: These are cookies used for targeting via Affiperf. For more details on how they use these cookies, please consult Mediamath’s personal data protection charter.
Pingdom: These cookies are used for analytical purposes on our websites. For more details on how they are used, please consult Pingdom’s privacy policy.

Pardot: These cookies are set by Pardot and are used to track users on our website. Visits are tracked only for already known users. Unknown users are registered as anonymous users. For more details on how cookies are used, please consult the Pardot privacy policy.

10.3 Other tracking technologies

DigitalCook also uses technologies that are substantially identical to cookies, such as Internet beacons or any other technology that may appear on newsletters or advertising e-mails. This technology is used in order to determine whether these messages have been opened or whether users have clicked on the included links. Internet beacons do not install any data on your computer, but can be used alongside cookies to analyze website browsing activity.

10.4 Do-not-track signals

Some Internet users may send “do-not-track” signals to the websites they’re browsing. Uniform rules on how to respond to these tracking signals have not yet been established. As a result, our website does not yet provide a response to these types of signals, but DigitalCook is committed to changing the way it responds to these tracking signals once a rule is established. However, you can set your data protection preferences regarding the use of most cookies through your Internet browser settings.

10.5 How to accept or refuse cookies

If you do not want to receive cookies from our website, then you can configure your browser to refuse them or be notified when you receive one. In this case, you will be asked whether or not you accept the placement of the cookie.

You can also configure your browser to disable cookies. To find out how to do this, please consult the “Tools” tab of your browser, or any similar designation. However, DigitalCook recommends that you do not deactivate its cookies. Please note that if you block, turn off, or reject our cookies, some pages of our website will no longer display correctly or you will no longer be able to take advantage of certain services that require you to log in. If you do not want our cookies to be placed on your computer, please deactivate them.