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App Development: Enhance Your Operations with DigitalCook Global

App development managed services enable businesses to benefit from comprehensive and tailor-made applications that fit their specific business needs.

DigitalCook can help you develop customized applications that can boost your business performance and enhance your workflow. Our application development services include:

  • Outlining requirements: our development team will help you create an in-depth build plan for each feature and functionality of your application.
  • Wireframes and Basic UX: The team prepares basic ‘placeholder’ interfaces for every interface in your application and explains the application navigation process.
  • Technical Evaluation and Architecture: our team will collaborate with you to decide how to structure the underlying elements of the application and design the best system for storing and retrieving data.
  • Finalizing the Design: our team replaces the primary outline with the finalized design components and seeks approval.
  • Front-End Development: our team creates the user-facing interfaces of the application.
  • Backend Development: Our team creates the basic components that support user interaction through the frontend development tools.
  • Testing: Our team at DigitalCook will work with you to verify the intended user flow of your application and fix any bugs or unwanted behavior.
  • Deployment: our team launches the application on the selected platform. 
  • Iteration and Scaling: Once we implement your application, we will work with you in case you want to add features and/or boost performance.

Our Mobile Application Development Services

Our developers at DigitalCook have intensive expertise in application development. Our solutions meet marketplace needs, empower companies’ identity, and inspire enterprise expansion. Our mobile app development service include:
  • Native Mobile Application Development: Our developers build quality local apps for Android and iOS. Our applications are aligned with your business compliance requirements.
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development: The cross-platform apps that we develop could work in various environments through a completely unique combination of local and internet app technologies.
  • Progressive Web App Development: With Progressive Web Apps, we provide high quality apps that are available anywhere, on any tool with authorized access.
  • Wearables and Embedded Software: We can create apps for some wearable gadgets, combined with clever gadgets or proprietary peripherals.

How We Handle App Development

At DigitalCook, we provide you with the infrastructure, maintenance, implementation, operations, security, and monitoring for multiple types of application development including mobile applications, software applications, and web applications. The technologies that we employ in your application development process include mobile application development tools, Voice Enabled Device, Blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Browser Extension, Wearables, Web Application, Internet of Things (IoT) tools, and more. We collaborate and communicate with you to understand your specific needs. Afterward, we deliver a timeline and cost estimate based on your specific business requirements. Afterwards, we build your application structure and main features. We iterate and customize your application according to your feedback.  We also can host, maintain, update and scale your app as needed. With our services, you can watch your product expand in real-time and examine the fee of the latest functions before development. In addition, our tools integrate together along with your present technologies.

Benefit from our App Development Services

Benefits of our services

Why Acquire Our App Development Services?

DigitalCook can offer your business multiple advantages with our app development services. These advantages include:

24/7 Monitoring and Support
Streamlined Development Process
Cost Effectiveness


Scalability is not something that every company can afford. This is a preferred option that is not available to everyone. Our company allows you to scale down or up depending on what your app development needs.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Downtime can hurt your brand's public image and can cost money and time to fix. With DigitalCook, you can benefit from 24/7 support, so you can avoid downtime. We will implement a comprehensive system that covers all major aspects of software and application development, including security and monitoring.
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What tools do we use for app development?

Enhance your users’ experience with feature-rich native iOS/Android, progressive, or cross-platform applications. Our expertise will benefit your IT system and enable you to take advantage of all major technologies.

iOS app development: We have the necessary expertise to build professional, scalable, and efficient mobile applications. Our expertise includes:

  • Apple TV Application Development
  • iPhone Application Development
  • Apple Watch Application Development
  • iPad Application Development
  • Android App Development
  • Application Clips Development
  • Cross-platform App Development
  • Android Wear App Development
  • Android Tablet Application Development

Get best-in-class mobile applications that run on multiple platforms while offering your users applications that match their operating system. Employ our solutions to reduce cost and time to market as well as reach more users without sacrificing quality such as:

  • Developing hybrid mobile apps
  • Developing hybrid tablet apps
  • Developing hybrid TV apps
  • Progressive web app development

We develop progressive web applications. Our apps at DigitalCook combine technical tools that are used with mobile and web applications. Not only is this easier to develop and deploy, it also provides many benefits for your business. Talk to a professional to discuss:

  • Cross-browser web application development
  • Developing Responsive Web Applications
  • Offline web application development

What Technologies do we employ for App Development?

At DigitalCook, we are always on the lookout for new technologies to provide future-oriented solutions. Take advantage of our solutions, from the highest security with blockchain to reliable automation with AI/ML.

  • Artificial intelligence: Use AI-based algorithms such as machine and deep learning in order to automate all operations, extract analytics from big data, and empower employees to make resilient decisions.
  • Internet of things: Use IoT devices to continuously monitor operations in a secure, well-built infrastructure. Collect big data, streamline their operations, gain precise insights, and help your employees make better decisions. blockchain
  • Blockchain: Use a private blockchain to enhance the security of your business data. In addition, you can use smart contracts to automate key operations, and create a blockchain-based marketplace.
  • Cloud computing: Make your business environment flexible and scalable with our Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud solutions. Leverage our enterprise application development expertise to move your mobile strategy to the cloud.
  • Big data: Build scalable ways to continuously improve business intelligence, develop reliable ways to analyze data, and give employees convenient ways to visualize and understand customer preferences and market trends.

How Can Our App Development Services Help You stay on budget?

Building an application from the beginning can cost a lot, especially for large or complex projects. But with our support, you can rest easy knowing that your company won't have to pay more. It's even less expensive to collaborate with our team than to hire and build an in-house IT team to develop your application. At DigitalCook, we offer an onshore and offshore resources hybrid model, which expands the resource base and decreases the effectiveness rate. You are rapidly delivered with the applications you need within your budget. With our services, your annual costs would be considerably less than hiring a full-time IT team. You can also avoid additional training and retention costs. Signing a service level agreement tailored to your specific app development and organizational needs further reduces costs. You can also avoid worrying about unexpected expenses. All expenses will be within budget and agreed-upon before the project starts.

Why Follow a Streamlined Development Process?

At DigitalCook, we follow an integrated approach to managing and maintaining our IT capabilities. We cover all key aspects of corporate IT and handle them seamlessly. Our team of professionals have the necessary expertise to handle this efficiently. With our managed services, you gain expertise and experience across your organization. Our team offers versatile experiences in dealing with different customers across different industries. With this in-depth knowledge and rich experience, your app development success is guaranteed. We also have multiple resources and tools at hand. We will carry out an effective application development project and accompany you through all the steps of the development.

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