IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

For every organization, the IT infrastructure is the foundation of the business operations and technology. It is an essential aspect to handle day-to-day business operations. For many companies, managing their own IT infrastructure can be difficult due to lack of time and resources. This challenge often comes in the form of poor network security and software or hardware issues that impact productivity.

IT infrastructure outsourcing is common for companies that spend a lot of money to maintain their networks but are not getting the results they want. However, some business owners don’t feel comfortable handing over their technology management to a third party. 

Below are the reasons why outsourcing your IT infrastructure can present your business with multiple benefits.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Benefits

Managing cloud complexity: Multiple IT leaders report a ‘negative impact’ after 2020’s surge in support for remote work using cloud technology. Eliminate costly redundancies, complexity, and other errors associated with the breakneck pace of a pandemic. Specialized skills and new ways of thinking are necessary to handle Cloud initiatives and deliver end-to-end transformation. 

For example, many IT departments are unfamiliar with the specific tools cloud providers use. Many organizations also lack the expertise to develop a cloud strategy that maximizes the potential of leading platforms. An experienced infrastructure management provider such as DigitalCook can help your organization select and configure a cloud infrastructure that can meet changing business needs and adapt quickly.

Accessing new and deeper pools of IT talent while keeping internal teams focused on key business functions: You can instantly access highly skilled IT resources without needing to hire and retain an entire IT staff. 

By tapping into this broad, high-quality talent pools for time-consuming IT infrastructure management operations, internal workforce members can focus on value-adding core business initiatives.

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How Can IT Infrastructure services increase productivity?

The IT system is the pillar for every business. However, this type of expertise is needed throughout the entire organization. As a result, IT infrastructure management and daily infrastructure operations can take most of the valuable IT workforce time, which impacts productivity and prioritizes troubleshooting tasks. 

By contrast, reliable management of IT infrastructure is the core business of outsourcers. Reliable providers have best practices in place in order to offer proactive service and resolve most IT problems quickly before the workflow is impacted. 

Few new problems for IT infrastructure management vendors doing the same work for multiple customers across a variety of technologies. This includes monitoring and managing standardized procedures, network resources, software and hardware, security, database, data center management, and other support.

Reliable IT infrastructure providers, such as DigitalCook, also invest heavily in training and technology, stay up to date with the latest advancements, and understand scalability and flexibility to meet changing business needs. To maximize results, look for a vendor that maintains a continuous improvement mindset based on ITIL and the Six Sigma framework.

How to harness automation without expensive investments?

Automation enhances operations and improves infrastructure reliability for mission-critical business processes.

Leveraging the automation capabilities that a reliable IT service provider can offer is extremely beneficial as well. Businesses can increase productivity and service quality if they choose an outsourcer with a seamless automation platform. Automation capabilities can offer efficient tools including incident management, robotic process automation, alert monitoring, and more.

How to manage IT costs effectively?

Hiring IT staff today is a costly undertaking. Companies compete for limited resources, so it's not uncommon for engineers to demand high salaries. Many companies offer six-figure bonuses, oversized stock awards, and other expensive perks. Outsourced service providers in offshore locations such as DigitalCook allow companies to realize significant cost savings without sacrificing quality. Instead of hiring an expensive in-house team, outsourcing turns IT fixed costs into variable costs, increasing or decreasing infrastructure resources as needed. It also reduces costs for office space, employee onboarding, employee needs management, and workforce training. Outsourcing also helps CIOs avoid the headaches and costs associated with hiring, vetting and retaining IT positions. Instead, you can focus your recruiting efforts on higher-level positions that have a direct impact on the company's strategic direction.

How to increase availability and reduce risk?

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure management to a reputable provider reduces risks. Cybercriminals target unmanaged, unpatched, or outdated IT systems. An experienced IT team dedicated to systems management enhances protection, proactively identifies issues, and rapidly applies patches and updates. A quality outsourcer has extensive experience managing compliance risk and guiding operations through structured processes and procedures in accordance with SSAE-18 and other regulations. You are responsible for keeping your infrastructure up-to-date with rapidly changing standards and regulatory requirements across geographies and industries.
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