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Networks and Systems: Quality Tools at DigitalCook Global

DigitalCook offers comprehensive networks and systems monitoring services to businesses around the world. You can take advantage of our remote network monitoring services to safeguard and protect your switches, firewalls, applications, and all your IT  resources.

By working with DigitalCook, you will benefit from multiple competitive advantages, including:

  • Remote and on-site support
  • Tailor-made network and security dashboards
  • Network support and monitoring services round-the-clock
  • Regularly testing against hacking and engineering threats
  • Secure data centers for hosting your data
  • Available and reliable helpdesk services
  • Threat detection monitoring services
  • User behavior tracking

At DigitalCook, our team utilizes quality network monitoring solutions to remediate unauthorized logins and safeguard your system. When you entrust your network monitoring and device securing tasks to us, you can focus on generating more revenue and achieving your strategic objectives. Our team will help you detect network and application problems in order to promptly resolve them and avoid system disruption.

Our Remote Network Monitoring Services

DigitalCook provides 24x7x365 remote network monitoring services to actively monitor and respond to downtime for routers, servers, switches, remote office connections, firewalls, remote hosts, storage devices, and more. Our managed network monitoring service also enables you to monitor your network for rogue wireless access points and rogue wireless connections. We also ensure the monitoring of network assets outside of normal hours such as nights, weekends, and holidays.

24/7 Network Operations Center: Enhance your performance with our network operations center that includes certified and experienced network monitoring professionals. We help you monitor all network resources and handle events affecting the network and its hardware (such as routers) and software.

We help you utilize the custom dashboards for situational awareness to gain an overview of your network health, log management, threat landscape, and events. We help you secure your connection to the cloud and virtual assets. We also help you store your data safely, as well as your applications, email, and web-based assets with our SOC 2 compliant data centers. Your data will be governed from the beginning according to current and new compliance standards.

End User Management and Device Management

DigitalCook can host all your business assets, data and shares, whether physical or virtualized, in a secure and redundant private cloud. We can ensure access to your work anytime, anywhere without compromising your cybersecurity and compliance needs. Our private cloud can meet all your customer server and backup needs. We also ensure that your data is safe and available so your business can recover quickly in the event of a disaster.

End User Management

Our services can help you protect your system programs from unauthorized user access or deployment on your IT systems. This includes the ability to block unauthorized logins or attempts to restricted computers. It also notifies you when a new unknown user profile is added to a computer, when a new user is given administrator privileges, and when a daytime staff member logs in at an unusual time (such as midnight).

Device Management

Our monitoring services include physical assets such as computers. Not only when a new user profile is added to the computer, but also when an application is installed on a locked operating system. You can also find sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and dates of birth on devices that don’t belong to them.

Access Quality Network and System Monitoring Services

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Benefits of Our Networks and Systems Monitoring Software

With our software, you can handle your operations easier and faster. In addition, you can guarantee that your network is safe and customer data is safeguarded. Benefits of using our software include:
Network visibility
Maintaining compliance
Preventing downtime

Network Visibility

You should be able to monitor all elements of your network. This includes all devices connected to the network and traffic flowing through the network. Our software offers you the best way to monitor network health and spot performance lags

Maintaining Compliance

Companies that need to stay compliant need the right network monitoring tools. Network monitoring needs to be an integral part of your control framework for compliance in addition to your existing external security controls.
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How Can DigitalCook Help Your Business Prevent Downtime and Drive Growth?

Downtime significantly impacts companies financially. A survey suggested that 40% of business enterprise groups stated that an hour of downtime might cost between $1 million and $5 million.

Networks and systems monitoring assist you to save you from sudden outages. One substantial element of network tracking is to pick out threats that would suggest a tool failure or network issues. This prevents downtime and helps your business maintain its productivity.

In addition, overall performance tracking enables IT departments to optimize their performance and enhance their operations.

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Access Quality Network and System Monitoring Services