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The world’s leading emerging medical technology companies need to have a reliable IT service provider in order to deliver innovative, impactful solutions and insight-driven services to their toughest challenges.

At DigitalCook, we deliver businesses with a service that meets all their expectations. Our medical technology consulting services help businesses develop efficient strategies and implement end-to-end IT solutions to balance today’s business needs and future positioning.

High Quality Solutions for Your Medical Business

Mega leaps in digital, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics present enormous opportunities for the medical industry. However, these are accompanied by industry-wide price and margin pressures, value-based contracting and payment models, increasing global regulation, and changing customer and consumer landscapes that alter the dynamics of the purchasing process.

Executive teams are redefining priorities and evolving business models to increase opportunities and meet the challenges of medical technology operations, commerce, regulation, growth and innovation. Our team understands that the medical technology industry must embrace change to lead and position the future of healthcare.

Our specialists offer a wide range of medical technology services and end-to-end solutions designed to support businesses across the value chain and around the world. We help our clients transform and create value with these essential medical technology consulting services.

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Supply Chain Manufacturing

Digitization and AI across medical technology manufacturing and delivery networks will soon become essential to driving near-term growth, remaining cost competitive, and sustaining the medical technology market into the future. The medical technology industry players have an opportunity to differentiate their organizations by digitizing key manufacturing and supply chain functions. With connectivity now available across the supply chain ecosystem, organizations can move from collecting data to using data to predict supply chain issues, recommend actions, and automate responses. The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the strategic business value of transforming manufacturing and supply chains, accelerating the need to understand or "feel" demand locally and in real time. Organizations that develop and implement manufacturing and supply chain risk management, digital transformation strategies, and responsive and integrated planning systems (together with business continuity strategies) are better prepared to mitigate the impact of disruption.

DigitalCook brings deep know-how and resources to assist force the digitization of the medical technology industry production and supply chain and combine commercial enterprise method with supply chain tasks to assist businesses attain operational excellence. We help you manage sourcing and commodity control, production network method and technical operations, distribution network and logistics optimization. Our services include:

  • Smart factory: Digitalization of products
  • Control tower: Performance visibility and exception control at some stage in the deliver chain
  • Medical technology industrial delivery chain: Helping optimize cloth and records glide in implant income
  • Portfolio complexity control and stock obsolescence: Reduction of out-of-date product finances portfolio simplification
  • Demand sensing: AI-enabled call for modeling machine paired with proprietary fitness care records set enables forecasting and making plans
  • Product intelligence: Market records fuels product and procedure development
  • OT security: Securing the automation structures and operational technology (OT) surroundings
  • Secure supply chain: Securing “cyber-affected components” in the delivery chain

Marketing and Customer Service

Today's medical technology ecosystem allows you to respond quickly to market and customer changes and create competitive advantage in a coordinated manner across all commercial functions. The value proposition of medical technology must be transformed and expanded beyond traditional product suppliers to win the future of health. The "what to sell" focus must shift from product-centric features and benefits to solution-centric value and results. DigitalCook works with CMOs and marketing leaders in medical technology to improve marketing effectiveness and drive organic growth through integrated end-to-end solutions.  Our marketing services include:
  • Marketing strategy: Improve decision-making and marketing decision execution across the product lifecycle to deliver a differentiated customer experience.
  • Market information: Gain an in-depth understanding of the market and generate actionable customer insights through our proven research and analytics capabilities.
  • Marketing communications and branding: Delight your target customers by helping them create a strong and differentiated brand. 
  • Marketing excellence: Redefine marketing processes, clarify marketing roles, enhance global and local marketing organizations and operating models, implement digital marketing technologies, and upskill marketing talent to help build best-in-class marketing organizations for higher performance.

Sales excellence

At DigitalCook, we help sales organizations achieve their goals through a suite of offerings that design, build, enable, and reward sales forces. Our focus includes:

  • Sales and channel strategy: Transform customer segmentation and targeting, partner strategy, and go-to-market and customer engagement strategy.
  • Planning and analytics: Enhance sales forecasting, territory alignment, distributor management, account planning, sales reporting, and analytics.
  • Enablement: Build leading sales automation, configure price quote (CPQ) and contract life cycle management (CLM) system implementation, customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and implementation, master data management, talent management, and training. 
  • Incentives: Implement incentive systems and incentive managed services, quota setting strategies, and planning design. 

Customer Care

We help medical technology companies transform their customer service business to be more patient-centric, driving growth and profitability through new value-added services, reduced complexity through technology, and increased efficiency. This includes the following key areas:

  • Service strategy and sales, including service portfolio strategy, channel strategy, contract management, post-sales customer experience, and customer success programs
  • Providing and performing services including customer support, scheduling and dispatch, shipping and receiving, field and depot services, IoT and real-time alerts, and preventative maintenance;
  • Service operations and analytics, including parts management, training and certification, service organization sizing and territory design, service operations analytics and predictive analytics
  • Quality and compliance, including complaint handling, adverse event management, regulatory reporting and safety analysis 
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