Telecommunication Technology


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Managed telecommunication technology services are outsourced services provided by a third-party vendor to manage the telecommunication infrastructure of an organization. This includes services like network management, security management, and IT support services. Managed services enable businesses to focus on their main operations while outsourcing the orchestration of their telecommunication services to a competent and qualified provider.

DigitalCook is a specialized telecommunication technology services provider that offers businesses various types of telecom services to enhance the way they do their operations and accelerate their workflows.

Telecommunication Technology Services We Offer

Our telecommunication technology offerings are diverse and they include:

Network Management Services

Network management services include services like network monitoring, maintenance, and optimization. These services can guarantee successful operations within your company. Network management services also include services like network security and firewall management, which help to protect an organization’s network from cyber-attacks and other security threats.

IT Support Services

IT support services are designed to provide technical assistance to employees and end-users of an organization. These services include help desk support, software installation and configuration, and troubleshooting of hardware and software issues. IT support services help to ensure that an organization’s telecommunication infrastructure is running smoothly and that employees can work efficiently.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are that enable firms to store and access data and applications on the internet. This includes services like cloud storage, cloud backup, and cloud computing. Cloud services are crucial for firms and organizations that aim to reduce the cost of managing their infrastructures, as well as for companies that want to access their data from anywhere in the world.

Unified Communications Services

Unified communications services integrate various communication channels, such as voice, video, and messaging, into a single platform. These services allow employees to communicate with each other seamlessly, regardless of their location or the device they are using. Unified communications services also include features like presence management, which allows employees to see the availability of their colleagues in real-time.

Managed Security Services

Managed security services are built to safeguard a company’s telecommunication infrastructure from cybersecurity threats. These services include services like firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention, and security incident response. Managed security services are essential for businesses that want to protect their data from cyber-attacks and other security threats.

At DigitalCook, the different types of managed telecommunication services that are flexible and available, including network management services, IT support services, cloud services, unified communications services, and managed security services, provide businesses with a range of options to meet their specific needs.

Our telecommunication technology services can improve overall efficiency, enhance flexibility in the workplace, and inspire collaboration.
Your business can save time and mitigate the communication costs of the company.
You can easily scale up with no impact on the communication across teams.
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What are the Benefits of Telecommunication Technology Services?

Cost Savings: One of the most significant benefits of managed telecommunication services is cost savings. By outsourcing the management of their telecommunication infrastructure, businesses can save money on the cost of hiring and training their own IT staff. Managed telecommunication services also provide businesses with a predictable monthly expense, which can help them budget more effectively.

Expertise: Managed telecommunication service providers are experts in their field. They have the knowledge, skills, and experience to manage an organization's telecommunication infrastructure effectively. By outsourcing the management of their telecommunication infrastructure to a specialized provider, businesses can take advantage of this expertise without having to invest in their own IT staff.

Scalability: Managed telecommunication services are scalable. This means that as a business grows, the service provider can scale up the telecommunication infrastructure to meet the organization's changing needs. This scalability is particularly important for IT companies that are growing rapidly and need to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

How Can Telecommunication Technology Enhance Security?

Managed telecommunication service providers are experts in network security. They have the tools and expertise to protect an organization's telecommunication infrastructure from security threats, such as cyber-attacks and data breaches. By outsourcing the management of their telecommunication infrastructure to a specialized provider, businesses can ensure that their data is protected from these security threats.

How Can Telecommunication Services Improve Productivity and Help you Focus on Core Competencies?

Improved Productivity: Managed telecommunication services can help improve productivity by providing employees with the tools and support they need to work more efficiently. For example, unified communications services can integrate various communication channels, such as voice, video, and messaging, into a single platform. This allows employees to communicate with each other seamlessly, regardless of their location or the device they are using.

Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing the management of their telecommunication infrastructure, businesses can focus on their core competencies. This allows them to allocate more resources to developing their products and services, rather than spending time and money on managing their telecommunication infrastructure.

In conclusion, managed telecommunication services provide businesses, especially those in the IT industry, with a range of benefits. These include cost savings, expertise, scalability, security, improved productivity, and the ability to focus on their core competencies.

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Aviation technology managed services refer to outsourced services provided by a third-party vendor to manage the technology infrastructure of an aviation organization. These services can include a variety of areas such as network management, security management, and IT support. By outsourcing these services, aviation businesses can focus on their core operations while a specialized provider takes care of managing their technology infrastructure.

Our Aviation Technology Solutions

Network management services encompass network monitoring, maintenance, and optimization. These services are crucial in ensuring that an aviation organization’s technology infrastructure operates smoothly. In addition, network security and firewall management are included in network management services, which help protect the organization from cyber-attacks and other security threats.

In addition, we offer IT support services that provide technical assistance to employees and end-users of an aviation organization. These services include help desk support, software installation and configuration, and troubleshooting of hardware and software issues. IT support services help maintain a smoothly functioning technology infrastructure and ensure efficient work for employees.

Our cloud services allow businesses to store and access data and applications through the internet. These services include cloud storage, cloud backup, and cloud computing. They are essential for aviation businesses that want to reduce the cost of managing their own IT infrastructure and for those that need to access their data from anywhere in the world.

Our unified communications services integrate different communication channels, such as voice, video, and messaging, into a single platform. These services allow employees to communicate seamlessly with each other, regardless of their location or device. Unified communications services also offer real-time presence management features, allowing employees to see their colleagues’ availability.

We also offer managed security services. These services are designed to protect an aviation organization’s technology infrastructure from security threats. These services include firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention, and security incident response. Managed security services are critical for aviation businesses that want to safeguard their data from cyber-attacks and other security threats.

The Advantages of our Aviation Technology Solutions

Aviation technology managed services offer numerous benefits to airlines and other aviation businesses. By outsourcing the management of their technology infrastructure to a specialized provider, these organizations can focus on their core competencies and increase efficiency. Additionally, managed services providers offer expertise in the latest aviation technology and can provide proactive maintenance and support to prevent downtime and improve performance. This ensures that critical systems like flight operations, passenger services, and safety management are functioning smoothly.

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How can aviation technology Services Help Reduce Costs?

One significant benefit of aviation technology managed services is cost reduction. By outsourcing the management of their technology infrastructure, airlines can save on the costs of hiring and training specialized IT staff, as well as the expenses associated with maintaining their own data centers and equipment. Managed services providers typically offer flexible pricing models that allow businesses to scale up or down as needed, reducing the costs associated with maintaining a large and complex IT infrastructure.

How can aviation technology Services improve security?

Another benefit of aviation technology managed services is improved security. Managed services providers employ advanced security measures to protect against cyber attacks and other security threats, ensuring that airlines and their passengers' data is kept safe. This is particularly important in an industry where even a small security breach can have significant consequences.

What are Customized Aviation Technology Services?

Aviation technology managed services can offer customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business. This includes providing solutions for specific aviation technology systems, such as flight planning or aircraft maintenance, as well as offering 24/7 support to ensure smooth operations around the clock. By working closely with managed services providers such as DigitalCook, aviation businesses can identify areas for improvement and implement solutions that increase efficiency and productivity.

Aviation technology managed services offer numerous benefits to aviation businesses, including cost reduction, improved security, and customized solutions. By outsourcing their technology infrastructure management to specialized providers, airlines can focus on their core competencies while receiving the support they need to keep critical systems running smoothly. As the aviation industry becomes increasingly reliant on technology, partnering with a managed services provider can be a key factor in remaining competitive and successful in the long term.

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Bank Digitization


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Most banks operate on legacy software. Although changing this requires considerable resources, banking businesses need to improve their legacy systems in order to run operations more smoothly.

By moving to a state-of-the-art core banking system, you can reduce your cost-to-income ratio by 9%.

However, full migration to a single system is a challenging and costly process. As a result, most banks to choose to “wrap” their existing systems. This procedure transforms back-end functions into basic processing functions.

On the other hand, it centralizes data so banks have a unified view of their clients and can add new technology to their existing systems.

DigitalCook can deliver your banking business with state-of-the art technology solutions to help you digitize your business and future-proof your banking operations.

Our Services at DigitalCook

Digital Transformation

To power innovation and enhance user satisfaction, banks and economic carrier establishments are imposing banking IT offerings that rework current processes, channel transport and operational models. Our banking IT services at DigitalCook offer sturdy ROI similarly to customized user interactions, quicker delivery of merchandise and offerings, better collaboration among employees, all intending to extend marketplace share.

Legacy Modernization

Reshaping legacy banking structures is a number one digital funding followed by banking and economic carrier organizations. We have helped business introduce modernized banking structures with complete banking IT services into their systems. These services are more stable, scalable, incorporated easily with rising technology and incur much less maintenance costs. With tested migration tools and frameworks, we decrease design costs as well as re-engineering, development, testing, records migration and validation, whilst making sure commercial enterprise continuity via our banking IT offerings.

Mobility Solutions

DigitalCook’s mobility solutions enable our customers to work more closely with their customers, allowing them to easily and quickly bring new mobility products to market while ensuring privacy and data security. Our bank digitization solutions deliver a personalized and consistent customer experience across devices, enabling banking in multiple locations and times.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics helps financial institutions transform data into actionable data. Leverage deep expertise, modeling capabilities, and analytic solutions to deliver rapid analytics and leverage ever-growing customer data to drive immediate decision-making. We offer you key insights on various aspects of your business, including customer management, operations management, risk management, sales and marketing analytics, and banking IT services.

Bank compliance reporting

Our compliance reporting solution enables banks and financial service companies comply with a variety of regulatory requirements. These regulations include national and international regulations, enabling financial institutions to report business and operational risks in the format they require. Our proprietary compliance reporting system framework provides a reliable, secure and configurable system that is fully flexible and modular according to client requirements.

Our Bank Digitization Software Solutions

At DigitalCook, we provide you with completely customizable and platform-based software banking solutions to help you manage your business seamlessly. Our solutions include:

Online banking
Mobile banking
Customer portal
Banking Customer Relationship Management or CRM
Loyalty program management
Bank data analysis
Payment software
Leading software

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Online banking

Meet your customers' growing need for secure access to their bank accounts available 24/7 with our customized online banking solutions. We can offer you a rich feature set to ensure implementation of online banking best practices if you are implementing a new software solution into your system or of you are upgrading your existing solutions. Our tailor-made internet banking solution gives your customers the following features:
  • Access to detailed information about checking, savings, and loan accounts
  • Set card limits
  • Bills payment
  • Money transfer across bank accounts
  • Bank statements requests or other relevant documents online. 
  • Finding a branch or ATM at a specific location, etc.

Mobile banking

Your clients can benefit from a full range of banking offerings and services all accessible through their phones. Our team can help you implement tailor-made mobile banking software. Our software solutions are various and include basic software solutions with basic functionalities as well as mobile banking app with advanced capabilities.

Customer portal

We help you guarantee a safe and user-friendly environment for your customers with tailor-made banking solutions and SharePoint-based portals. We help you build B2C or Business to Client banking portals for ongoing communication and collaboration with your customers. We also build B2B or business to business with multiple logins for customer employees, portals with personalized content, financial services planning and other custom functions.

Banking customer relationship management or CRM

Leverage the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 and Salesforce to improve customer-related data generation and communicate effectively with prospects and customers. With years of customer relationship management consulting experience, we can help you increase the effectiveness of a variety of customer-facing activities, including:
  • Customer Service
  • Track Channel Activity
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling
  • Systematic Lead Care
  • Customer Data Management

Loyalty program management

Our solutions enable you to drive customer loyalty across your brand and multiple product lines with:
  • Establishing communication across multiple channels
  • Build a flexible reward system
  • Adopting an omnichannel approach to managing customer relationships
  • Implementing gamification elements and more

Bank data analysis

Leverage customer trends and liquidity forecasts to increase revenue and reduce risk by transforming raw data into trusted actionable, and consistent insights. We can help you implement these data analytics types: 
  • Channel analytics (analysis of branch transactions and customer traffic, analysis of click patterns, frequently visited websites, search behavior, most used mobile banking features, etc.)
  • Performance analytics
  • Marketing analytics (this enables you to guarantee success of marketing campaigns, factors driving sales growth)
  • Risk analysis
  • Customer analytics

Payment software

Our team will enable you to harness the power of digital payments. Our solutions will guarantee:
  • Bespoke mobile payment solutions to ensure fast and secure transactions.
  • Increase customer loyalty with NFC or QR-based mobile wallets that contain digital information about your customers' credit and debit cards, store coupons, loyalty programs, and more.
  • Enable your customers to make real-time person-to-person payments. 

Leading software

We can help you make faster, more informed lending decisions, reduce risk, and reduce the time and cost of lending. 
  • Digitize lending, underwriting and services.
  • Launch a configurable borrower portal for consumer, commercial and small business loans.
  • Choose a web portal or a custom mobile application to speed up the mortgage application process.
  • Make mortgage services more convenient with e-signature, e-delivery and e-payment tools. 
  • Create a single system of record for your lending operations.
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digital Insurance


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At DigitalCook, we help insurers manage and mitigate risk by hiring an agile team of superior insurance and technical expertise.
Our dedicated workforce streamlines implementation and enhances the skills of existing staff.
Our team is staffed by experienced professionals, technicians, and engineers, ready to help your business prosper and get the most out of technology. Our digital insurance services include:

Business Analysis
Project Management
Forms Design & Development
End User Training
Data Migration and more

With several years of experience in the digital field, DigitalCook has worked with insurance customers to successfully support their IT system implementation and operation digitization processes.

We employ proven tools, templates, methods, and technologies to deliver our customers with the best possible results. We follow agile principles and transparent processes in order to reach optimal objectives.

Our Capabilities for Digitizing Insurance

Automation and digitization

In the past, manual, paper-based operations were the main tool to manage processes, but today there needs to be a better and more automated method to handling insurance operations.

It is unacceptable for companies nowadays to have errors and delays in processes. Businesses need to go through a company-wide reinvention process instead of just automating their existing ones. Reinvention is not just about eliminating paper and manual steps.

However, it requires rethinking the process itself to complete tasks faster and more accurately. Process digitization in insurance companies needs to be sleek and include essential steps, approvals, and documentation. At DigitalCook, we can help you achieve just that. As a result, your insurance company can be successful and you can guarantee a smooth user experience.

A successful digitization of your operations can lead to cost reduction, resources optimization, and conversion rates improvement.

Customization of processes

With DigitalCook’s solution, customization of your IT system does not require time-consuming and expensive coding changes. And Business users can use intuitively designed configuration tools for workflow setup. All of this happens within another pre-defined environment from the source code. Insurance companies can easily enjoy all the benefits of a flexible system that’s easy to update and scale.

Data analytics for smarter strategies

Understanding insurance company data is not difficult. Powerful yet easy-to-use analytics give CIOs smart new ways to discover and optimize previously hidden patterns and unknown trend.

Support data helps businesses tweak their existing systems and make valuable adjustments that enhance their overall performance. Analytics Insights into company operations help insurance managers get more information and make faster and more informed business decisions.

Benefits of Digital Insurance

In order to improve and automate operations, the insurance industry needs to digitize business operations. Benefits of this digitization include:
Exceed customer expectations
Positive results using data analytics
Cost reduction
Better employee experience
Take advantage of low-code capabilities

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Exceed customer expectations

Today's customers demand immediate service and products. This can include correspondence, payment statements, and more. Insurance is a consumer-centric service and requires an infrastructure to meet client demands. This digital technology enables personalized interactions through features such as self-service portals, chatbots, and applications. These features automate the insurance process, enable businesses to reach out to customers as needed, and improve brand loyalty.

Positive results using data analytics

Insurance applications generate vast amounts of data that help employees do their jobs better. Employees can enter and analyze this data through the customer relationship management (CRM) software in order to improve business practices. Customers can get better rates, get customized packages and anticipate their needs. Predictive analytics can identify red flags of possible fraud and billing issues.

Cost reduction

Insurance is a costly business, but digital companies such as DigitalCook have a track record of cost savings for organizations and their customers. Better data, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics will lead to more accurate underwriting costs, faster time to market for new digital insurance products, and an edge for digital businesses.

Better employee experience

Digital insurance can enhance the organization’s bottom line and improve employee efficiency. Intelligent dashboards, SaaS application implementations, and comprehensive data systems enable employees to do their jobs more efficiently and increase company efficiency.

Take advantage of low-code capabilities

A common concern for most insurers is the investment required to go fully digital. The cost of hiring IT professionals and investing in complex digital platforms can be overwhelming. Businesses can take advantage of low-code capabilities that allow users to simply drag and drop the functionality they need to build their unique digital platform. The benefits of insurance processes digitization remain the same while investments are kept low.

The Technologies We Use

There are many technological pillars that enable the success of digital insurance companies.

  • Artificial intelligence system: This is the main pillar of our digital insurance capabilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) performs instant calculations, speeding up processing and smoothing communication lines. Artificial intelligence can be used for claim underwriting, new business acquisition, marketing campaigns, and customer retention. It also creates a balance between automated and customized services. Customers value speed, but they also want a personal touch. At DigitalCook, we help you deliver the perfect combination of that.

Machine learning (ML) is becoming increasingly important as more insurers integrate self-service applications and portals into their systems. Machine learning leverages data and analytical tools to accelerate services like billing. Use programmed data, pre-configured algorithms, and shared customer data to provide fast, seamless service when your users need it.

  • Internet of things: The Internet of Things or IoT gives insurers access to vast amounts of customer data collected in real time. Customer profiles and their coverage options requirements are determined. It also reveals possible fraud. There are connected technologies such as telematics that businesses must use (with customer consent) as a bridge. This approval is easy to obtain because our customers know that sharing this information will help them save even more on their monthly premiums. 
  • Big Data analytics: Digital insurance capabilities generate vast amounts of data. With the right analytical tools, insurers can get a complete picture of their business. You can also improve and sell your products based on your data insights.
  • Software as a service or SaaS: Digital capabilities need to be seamless and fast, so hosting all these solutions on-premises can slow your company down. The best way to capitalize on digital opportunities is with a comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based solution that provides all the resources you need to host services, support, and manage the digital insurance tools and applications effectively. DigitalCook deliver the software as a service cloud model and enables you to capture all its benefits through a seamless and user-friendly platform.
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Energy Technology


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Technology is increasingly changing the energy market and industry. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that IT solutions for energy sources and utility companies streamline operations and ensure effective communication throughout the company.
Our IT solutions include visibility over the inventory, monitoring, logistics, operations, and tracking in order to reduce construction costs as well as overhead. This includes all the segments, for example Oil, Gas and Chemicals, Power and Utilities, Mining and Metals.
Our team assesses clients on how to address common issues such as environmental and regulatory compliance, old IT infrastructure, high operating costs, and inefficient supply chains. Our IT energy solutions include digital transformation, mobility, cloud, data and analytics, and more efficient technologies. Our corporate energy management solutions guarantee applications security and extensive support for networked devices.

Our Offerings for The Energy Sector

Leak detection solution

DigitalCook experts develop specialized solutions that help companies efficiently monitor oil and gas pipelines to significantly reduce the risk of spills and ensure employee and environmental safety.

Predictive maintenance for refineries and plants

Our best-in-class maintenance solutions enable refineries or plants to identify potential failures in key equipment using predictive analytics.


DigitalCook offers comprehensive power plant solutions with mobility and analytics to optimize resource utilization and increase operational efficiency.

Fleet management

Our fleet management solutions help reduce risk, increase safety and streamline fleet operations using effective real-time GPS tracking and fleet monitoring.

Terminal automation system

By leveraging the terminal’s integrated automation system, we enable companies to streamline the entire product handling process from reception to distribution.

Our IT Services and Solutions

At DigitalCook, we help you achieve smarter and digital future of oil and gas thanks to our state-of-the-art end-to-end digital solutions. Our solutions include:
Digital transformation: Our digital transformation solutions and consulting services enable companies to plan and execute strategies while investing in technologies. This enables companies to gain a better digital strategy.
Cloud: DigitalCook combines the expertise of DevOps and Cloud to enable our customers to scale up using the most effective practices. We collaborate with leading cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to deliver our clients with the best possible service.
IT infrastructure: Leveraging deep knowledge and decades of experience, our experts provide the right combination of technology, people and processes to help our customers reduce their total cost of ownership while reducing their IT infrastructure investments. We help you increase your ROI.
Mobility: As a trusted mobility consultant & service partner, our experts have a thorough understanding of current market trends and technical challenges. We help our customers evaluate, design and implement fit-for-purpose mobility solutions.
Data and Analysis: this service provides you with comprehensive data analytics solutions for transforming your historical and real-time data into valuable and actionable insights. Our experts can help you define your data analysis strategy and select the right technology for better insights.
IT consulting: DigitalCook's IT consulting experts provide superior insight into your business model and strategy to enhance your decision-making. Our goal is to provide the fairest and most optimal IT guide to accelerate your return-on-investment or ROI.

How Digitizing the Energy Sector Can Help Your Company Thrive

There are multiple ways digitization can improve the energy sectors. These ways include:

Extending Underground Cable Life with Intelligent Sensors

Intact power lines are vital for reliable power distribution. For network operators, the replacement of defective line sections means harmful downtime and high costs. As a result, procedures and processes that extend the life of energy cables are a good optimization path with significant potential savings for network operators. One way our digital solutions can help your business is through using smart sensors to constantly monitor underground cable temperatures to keep operating temperatures under control. If the cable temperature rises too much, the grid operator can take immediate action. This process prolongs the life span of energy cables and decreases replacement costs.

Reliable transmission technology under various environmental conditions and cables with sensors are essential for the use of intelligent internet-of-things IoT sensors. In conjunction with mathematical models based on big data techniques, the collected data can be used to optimize power flow. For example, the energy supplier can then take measures to reduce the flow or redistribute the load. The technology can also be used to remotely read electricity, gas and water meters and control switching devices.

Reduction of load intervention in the power grid:

The supply of renewable energy to the power grid and imperfect information about individual power plants can lead to fluctuations in load flows that are difficult to predict. As a result, transmission system operators manually intervene in the generation of power plants and distributed generation systems to protect transmission line sections. This causes costs on the order of $3 million each year, according to the Federal Energy and Water Management Association.

Big data analytics can be used to gain new insights into the interaction of individual aspects, enabling energy suppliers to analyze individual transformer input/output curves, performance measurements from wind and solar farms, weather You can combine various data sources, such as forecasts, to create forecasts. These insights provide transparency into how individual and generating assets affect substation node loads, allowing businesses to act early and reduce costs in the event of overload. You can avoid such reshipment measures.

The supply of renewable energy to the power grid with not enough data about individual power plants can lead to fluctuations in load flows that are difficult to predict. As a result, transmission system operators manually intervene in the generation of power plants and distributed generation systems to protect transmission line sections. This causes costs on the order of $3 million each year, according to the Federal Energy and Water Management Association.

Big data analytics can be used to gain new insights into the mutual influence of individual aspects, enabling energy suppliers to analyze individual transformer input or output curves, performance measurements from wind and solar farms. These insights provide transparency into how individual and generation assets affect substation node loads, allowing companies to act early and reduce expensive resources in the event of overload.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with Big Data Analysis

Utility companies face intense competition. As a result, customer retention is a key issue for them. By constantly measuring and analyzing needs, wants and satisfaction, individual services, special offers and other means can be used to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty over the long term.

An energy company can use big data analytics to analyze user behavior on the website or portal and gauge opinions about the brand and products on social media. By combining this data with other insights, such as online surveys, you can gain insight into customer needs and align your marketing and sales efforts in a more targeted way. By improving customer communication, energy companies can retain customers for the long term.

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real estate technology

Real Estate

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Like all other industries, the real estate industry is increasingly integrating technology into its practices and operations. at DigitalCook, we provide businesses with high-tech real estate IT solutions to help manage the real estate business optimally and effectively. We provide organizations and real estate professionals with robust technology solutions to meet all their business needs.
DigitalCook offers enterprise real estate technology solutions that cover everything from homeowners’ association or HOA management, property management software solutions, property valuation, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and tenant management.

The DigitalCook team is familiar with technologies such as digital transformation, mobility, AI and automation, cloud and mobility, all of which work together to help customers improve processes, manage risk, and increase productivity. Our real estate solutions cover custom real estate software as well as exhaustive real estate software solutions.

What are the Different Types of Real Estate Software Technologies?

At DigitalCook, we can deliver you with the software solution that best matches your requirements, these are the types of real estate IT solutions we offer.

Custom Real Estate Solutions

This is a solution that is customizable to your needs and provides immediate benefits including: Affordable development costs, depending on the number and complexity of features, user and mobile usability, etc.

Customer Relationship Management Software

This software solution type is essentially focused on user satisfaction and has the goal of solving problems efficiently. This is a useful tool that can be used to increase sales, and in industries such as real estate, customer retention is extremely important.

Real Estate ERP Software

This is a great type of software solution that can be implemented in your real estate business. This facilitates managing day-to-day tasks, payroll operations, financial reporting, and other business processes.

The Main Capabilities of Our Real Estate Software Solutions

Essential features you can find in our real estate software solutions include the following:
User onboarding/registration
List/delete properties and databases
Dashboard and analytics
Live chat and quick reply (integrated messaging and calling)
24/7 round-the-clock available customer support
Rental and property management
Message Notifications
Filters and categories (this includes: location, requirements, budget, etc.)
Fee calculator
Map integration
Virtual property tour (showing customers videos and photos of the property)
Frequently asked questions about app usage and features
Ratings, reviews, feedback

Benefits of Our Real Estate Technologies

Easy to manage

Develop a real estate application for all your business needs. But the most important benefit is that you or your realtor will be able to conveniently manage all activities such as property listings, sorting by categories and filters, clients, taxes, etc. It indirectly minimizes your workload by allowing you to access everything in your app and track ongoing activity.

Maintain customer Relationships and Generate Potential Leads

Thanks to our real estate software solution, you can seamlessly manage all your real estate activities and even generate potential clients. One app for your business to manage all your customers and keep them connected for years to come. This allows you to message and interact with your customers, and you can also use word-of-mouth technology to generate more potential leads.

Marketing and Workflow Automation

Real Estate software solutions allow business owners to update, email and alert customers on the latest businesses, listings and properties for sale, making it easier to build a brand, create a sales funnel and promote will be Do the work instead of doing it manually.

New Opportunities

Our real estate solutions enable you to pursue new opportunities. Implementing something new in a software solution not only makes your life easier, but also minimizes the problems you face. For example, implementing a chatbot in your real estate app can help your customers list their questions and get them answered quickly and quickly.

Scalable and Secure

Security is a key factor for businesses today, and apps are protected with multiple layers of security to prevent fraud. Furthermore, you can study and measure your traffic on a regular basis that matches your needs. As a result, real estate business owners can easily identify the parts which need improvement within their systems.

Our Real Estate Technology Solutions and Services

Our real estate solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage and increase revenue. They include multiple capabilities that are detailed below.

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Tailor-made Real Estate Portal

Our tailor-made real estate portal is user-friendly and seamless. These portals provide information such as floor plans, directions, area features, and other details for every apartment. This delivers users with a real life-like experience. Users can easily select the exact apartment and get a virtual overview. About 51% of buyers found their property on the Internet with the help of a custom real estate portal.

E-commerce IT Solutions

At DigitalCook, we offer online e-commerce solutions that enables real estate agencies to rapidly evolve and grow. Our expertise enables us to elevate your marketing efforts. Our e-commerce IT solutions in real estate enable you to sell your services quicker online. 

We also enable your users to shop securely and easily. With guaranteed results, you can sell more than ever before.

Booking Engine

Our online booking system offers customers instant booking and payment options through our system. From the moment a potential customer decides to book a workspace, the user can select the workspace, view it, order the furniture and finally pay for the reservation, which reduces staff workload, minimizes human error, and improves business efficiency. Your customers can therefore access multiple options and book online.

Customer Relationship Management System

We offer a customer relationship management system that helps automate a variety of day-to-day activities to increase the productivity of your sales team and engage them to sell more properties. Our system guarantees your visibility over potential customers and streamlines engaging with them through automated communications. Our customer relationship management solutions for your real estate business enables the management of various tasks such as project planning, follow-ups, marketing campaigns, site visits, and more.

Inventory management system

Our inventory management system at DigitalCook allows you to manage the flow of inventory across various stores, warehouses and locations. From local property marketing to global online sales automation, our inventory management system allows sales reps to track properties using a database of vital information such as inquiries, website visits and views. This comprehensive and efficient solution enables real estate businesses to manage various projects, floors, units and building from anywhere in the world.

Property Management Solution

DigitalCook provides property management solutions that help you manage your property operations more efficiently. We aim to facilitate your day-to-day tasks so you can put all your focus on your customers. Our property management solutions allow you to automate manual processes, save time, and improve business productivity. We create best-in-class solutions for your property management needs.

Project Management Technology Solution

Real estate project management comprises resource management processes, planning, collaboration, and stakeholder relationship management. Real estate projects include well-planned renovation projects as well as mire complex deals that require skillful negotiation. Our project management technology solutions help project managers group external or internal experts, scale real estate projects, and manage projects optimally and timely.

The Real Estate Industry and New Technology

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI has taken over multiple industries. It's an effective technology that enable making your property more intelligent and connected.

It enables the collection of huge volumes of data every day whether through Internet searches, connected devices, or social media. However, the volume is overwhelming. AI quickly combs through this data to find trends such as: Prediction of Future Movements. In the real estate industry, this entails foreseeing trends that can impact home/rent prices, which can lead to a more accurate priced inventory.

Brokers and property owners can use the artificial technology to distinguish potential customers. They can then contact you with a personalized pitch. Artificial intelligence has unique capabilities that streamline processes so you can focus on better, more creative projects.

Internet of things

Forget old intercoms where you have to try your luck calling building residents and hoping they're home. They are cumbersome, time consuming, unreliable and a thing of the past.

From smartwatches to self-driving cars, the Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing our lives. IoT refers to devices that exchange information with other devices over the Internet. Today, IoT allows property owners and residents to turn their smartphones into mobile video intercoms.

This means you can see who is trying to break into your building, no matter where you are. It's easier and more convenient to welcome visitors, and it's safer to control who has access to your building. It also allows property owners and managers to easily track who enters their property to ensure the safety of their tenants.

Since these devices are cloud-based, they can connect to other smart devices and devices in the building. Residents can use smart devices to automatically call the elevator, turn on the air conditioning in the unit, and preheat the furnace.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Imagine being able to browse a property without actually entering it. Virtual reality (VR) takes people around the world and makes them feel like they are in another place.

There is great potential in real estate. Buyers can use the virtual reality technology to walk through properties as if they were there, even on the other side of the world. With VR, businesses can create virtual tours of their homes, showcasing neighborhoods and allowing potential customers to walk the streets. 

Similarly, augmented reality helps people see a virtual complement to their current location. This technology doesn't take you to new places, but adds things to your current view, the same technology that brings digital creatures home in the famous PokemonGo game.

Augmented reality allows property owners to see home furnishings and renovations before they actually happen.

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Food Processing Technology

Food Processing

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The food processing industry relies heavily on technology and digitized tools. Multiple IT solutions help to manage the agri-food business operations and optimize its services. These solutions include information analysis software program, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software program, supply chain traceability software solutions which includes radio frequency identification (RFID), product lifecycle control (PLM) software program and stock control software program.

At DigitalCook, we can deliver multiple IT solutions for the agri-food industry and enable your business to gain advantage from technology.

IT Solutions and Software Programs for The Food Processing Companies

IT solutions and software programs for the meals processing enterprise are aimed toward enhancing transparency and traceability throughout their delivery chain.

Food manufacturers can display the quality of incoming uncooked materials, in addition to the completed merchandise at the same time as complying with meals protection policies and enforcing product traceability.

Software solutions in the food processing industry can also accurately measure the amount of raw materials needed to produce different foods and handle complex production recipes.

Technologies such as ERP software enable integrated inventory management and efficient monitoring of manufacturing and packaging.

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Benefits of Automation in the Food Industry

Automation of the food manufacturing process can bring multiple benefits when it comes to rising raw material and labor costs and tightening food safety regulations. It helps agri-food businesses achieve higher productivity with fewer workers and correct inconsistencies and human errors.

Automation in the food industry can enhance the process of quality control, ensure product safety, prevent product recalls, and decrease food waste. And by reducing operating costs, you can improve efficiency and increase profits. Another benefit of automation is the ability to unify production processes and create products with similar taste and texture.

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Our Services at DigitalCook

Your business is your priority and it is our mission to help you go digital. At DigitalCook, we focus on providing solutions that facilitate companies' adaptation to new digital tools, improve and speed up production processes and communication between stakeholders.



Latest Technology Implementation:

We employ this technology in order to generate the best possible results for our clients: Perimeter security, virtualization and storage, backup services, video surveillance, as well as access control.

Adaptation to the corporate sector

We have deep experience creating spaces for different sectors of the agri-food industry and adapting our solutions to your company identity.

Back-office integration

The DigitalCook team has developed solutions integrated into the corporate back office, optimized production processes, and improved business communication and security. 

Agrifood technology expertise

We have deep experience in consulting, developing and implementing solutions focused on creating the right IT infrastructure that fits each agrifood business’s unique requirements.

Latest Technology Implementation

We employ this technology in order to generate the best possible results for our clients: Perimeter security, virtualization and storage, backup services, video surveillance, as well as access control.

Our Software Solution Capabilities

We can develop high-tech modular software applications that are practical and relevant for both large and small businesses and customize it for your specific business needs.

Industry-specific features:

Easily integrate industry-specific functionality. Our solutions can help you use storage silos, integrate special registration equipment, manage inventory at slaughterhouses, and more.

Modular Implementation:

Our customers decide for themselves how far they want to automate their processes, choosing from a variety of modules ranging from simple tasks such as pure management to full production control based on recipes, production schemes and capacity planning.

Infinite possibilities

We want to provide our customers and software users with an integrated and complete solution from a single source. This means continuously adapting our software to meet your requirements and your specific needs and desires.

Not only is the selection of options defined, but the menu content and interface can also be tailored by groups of users or by individual users. The software contains a user-friendly interface. You can also use your own reports, translations and terminology.

Chain traceability and data quality:

Chain traceability integrated with EDI makes miss-tracking and wrong identification of products on receipt impossible.

Thanks to unique product identification, unnecessary double registrations are eliminated throughout the process, ensuring correct inventory management and 100% traceability.

Implementation and International expansion:

Our qualified team of technicians will integrate your solution into your existing system while keeping all your information intact. We also offer quality maintenance and support services available around the clock to ensure your systems are optimally functioning.

We mainly use our own resources for the implementation. We are available in multiple countries around the world and work with carefully selected partners. This allows you to implement country-specific functionality that complies with local regulations and laws.

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Medical Technology Services


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The world’s leading emerging medical technology companies need to have a reliable IT service provider in order to deliver innovative, impactful solutions and insight-driven services to their toughest challenges.

At DigitalCook, we deliver businesses with a service that meets all their expectations. Our medical technology consulting services help businesses develop efficient strategies and implement end-to-end IT solutions to balance today’s business needs and future positioning.

High Quality Solutions for Your Medical Business

Mega leaps in digital, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics present enormous opportunities for the medical industry. However, these are accompanied by industry-wide price and margin pressures, value-based contracting and payment models, increasing global regulation, and changing customer and consumer landscapes that alter the dynamics of the purchasing process.

Executive teams are redefining priorities and evolving business models to increase opportunities and meet the challenges of medical technology operations, commerce, regulation, growth and innovation. Our team understands that the medical technology industry must embrace change to lead and position the future of healthcare.

Our specialists offer a wide range of medical technology services and end-to-end solutions designed to support businesses across the value chain and around the world. We help our clients transform and create value with these essential medical technology consulting services.

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Supply Chain Manufacturing

Digitization and AI across medical technology manufacturing and delivery networks will soon become essential to driving near-term growth, remaining cost competitive, and sustaining the medical technology market into the future. The medical technology industry players have an opportunity to differentiate their organizations by digitizing key manufacturing and supply chain functions. With connectivity now available across the supply chain ecosystem, organizations can move from collecting data to using data to predict supply chain issues, recommend actions, and automate responses. The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the strategic business value of transforming manufacturing and supply chains, accelerating the need to understand or "feel" demand locally and in real time. Organizations that develop and implement manufacturing and supply chain risk management, digital transformation strategies, and responsive and integrated planning systems (together with business continuity strategies) are better prepared to mitigate the impact of disruption.

DigitalCook brings deep know-how and resources to assist force the digitization of the medical technology industry production and supply chain and combine commercial enterprise method with supply chain tasks to assist businesses attain operational excellence. We help you manage sourcing and commodity control, production network method and technical operations, distribution network and logistics optimization. Our services include:

  • Smart factory: Digitalization of products
  • Control tower: Performance visibility and exception control at some stage in the deliver chain
  • Medical technology industrial delivery chain: Helping optimize cloth and records glide in implant income
  • Portfolio complexity control and stock obsolescence: Reduction of out-of-date product finances portfolio simplification
  • Demand sensing: AI-enabled call for modeling machine paired with proprietary fitness care records set enables forecasting and making plans
  • Product intelligence: Market records fuels product and procedure development
  • OT security: Securing the automation structures and operational technology (OT) surroundings
  • Secure supply chain: Securing “cyber-affected components” in the delivery chain

Marketing and Customer Service

Today's medical technology ecosystem allows you to respond quickly to market and customer changes and create competitive advantage in a coordinated manner across all commercial functions. The value proposition of medical technology must be transformed and expanded beyond traditional product suppliers to win the future of health. The "what to sell" focus must shift from product-centric features and benefits to solution-centric value and results. DigitalCook works with CMOs and marketing leaders in medical technology to improve marketing effectiveness and drive organic growth through integrated end-to-end solutions.  Our marketing services include:
  • Marketing strategy: Improve decision-making and marketing decision execution across the product lifecycle to deliver a differentiated customer experience.
  • Market information: Gain an in-depth understanding of the market and generate actionable customer insights through our proven research and analytics capabilities.
  • Marketing communications and branding: Delight your target customers by helping them create a strong and differentiated brand. 
  • Marketing excellence: Redefine marketing processes, clarify marketing roles, enhance global and local marketing organizations and operating models, implement digital marketing technologies, and upskill marketing talent to help build best-in-class marketing organizations for higher performance.

Sales excellence

At DigitalCook, we help sales organizations achieve their goals through a suite of offerings that design, build, enable, and reward sales forces. Our focus includes:

  • Sales and channel strategy: Transform customer segmentation and targeting, partner strategy, and go-to-market and customer engagement strategy.
  • Planning and analytics: Enhance sales forecasting, territory alignment, distributor management, account planning, sales reporting, and analytics.
  • Enablement: Build leading sales automation, configure price quote (CPQ) and contract life cycle management (CLM) system implementation, customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and implementation, master data management, talent management, and training. 
  • Incentives: Implement incentive systems and incentive managed services, quota setting strategies, and planning design. 

Customer Care

We help medical technology companies transform their customer service business to be more patient-centric, driving growth and profitability through new value-added services, reduced complexity through technology, and increased efficiency. This includes the following key areas:

  • Service strategy and sales, including service portfolio strategy, channel strategy, contract management, post-sales customer experience, and customer success programs
  • Providing and performing services including customer support, scheduling and dispatch, shipping and receiving, field and depot services, IoT and real-time alerts, and preventative maintenance;
  • Service operations and analytics, including parts management, training and certification, service organization sizing and territory design, service operations analytics and predictive analytics
  • Quality and compliance, including complaint handling, adverse event management, regulatory reporting and safety analysis 
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IT Support for Construction


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The Construction, Operations and Airport sectors are going through a modern transformation, exploring new approaches to enhance performance, accuracy and transparency in their key commercial enterprise processes, even as improving standard overall performance and customer experience. They are constantly being challenged through rapid adoption with more modern technologies, want for innovation and statistics pushed operations.

This method affords a big possibility to undertake virtual transformation and strongly pursue innovation and new marketplace enlargement for development.

DigitalCook’s customers collaborate with us to leverage the advantage of disruptive innovation and quantum productiveness upgrades on this virtual, statistics and user-friendly environments to satisfy the rising desires of modern transformation.

To deal with the needs of world infrastructure developers, provider vendors and operators, DigitalCook has a committed vertical that gives price through execution and operational performance advantage, productiveness and protection upgrades, customer experience, and differentiated go-to-marketplace propositions.

Our Services

DigitalCook can manage all your hardware, software, cloud computing, networking, and cybersecurity needs. We deliver encrypted e-mail service, information encryption, steady networking, and steady visitor Wi-Fi offerings.
Delivering integrated technology and business process services: 360-degree transformation of business processes
Application: DigitalCook's application services work with an interface to the cloud
Business transformation: Accelerating digitalization with “new ways of working”
Data analysis: Leverage the best technology and expertise to manage your business operations
Digital engineering: The Path to Robust Construction Management
Cloud and infrastructure services: Take operational efficiency to a new level
AI & automation: Accelerate business and cost optimization with an AI-powered automation platform
Cybersecurity and risk compliance

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Our IT Services for The Construction Industry

Procurement: Let us manage the acquisition of latest hardware, software, and different mission-crucial IT system at discounted expenses

Multi-Location Support: We are located in different regions around the world. Get the IT aid you need, anytime, everywhere

Cloud Solutions: Secure, get right of entry to, control your documents, files, emails, and different crucial property from everywhere

Network Security: Manage and get right of entry to your maximum crucial information, preserve crucial statistics steady with firewalls and monitoring, enhancing your commercial enterprise overall performance with the proper blend of community management, security, and bandwidth

Backup and Recovery: Mistakes happen, computer systems fail, and those drop things. Protect your information through maintaining your personnel up and strolling

 24/7 IT support: Got an IT problem? We can help you. Whatever your question, we are standing by to resolve any issues that may arise

Managed print service: Never run out of toner while saving time and money with our intelligent permission-based print management solution.

Mobile device management: Manage all the devices your team uses - tablet or phone or any other device with our device management solutions

The Advantage of Our Services

Time is of the essence in the construction industry. When your contract is at stake, you can't afford to waste time dealing with unreliable networks, incompatible software, and lost communication with your employees. This is where our solutions at DigitalCook come in. We know your company's challenges. Managers, estimators, and sales teams need 24/7 access to computer tools. CAD, calculations and other software must be well integrated. Your network must maintain uptime.

Possibilities for a successful construction company using our IT services:

  • Deploy mobility solutions to keep your team connected
  • Protect electronic files and data
  • Make sure the software packages work well together
  • Ensure the smooth operations of your network and build a solid business foundation.  

Our team is always working to reduce costly downtime and optimize your resources. DigitalCook Solutions provides affordable and efficient solutions for your technology needs.

We are aware of the digital resources that firms in the construction field rely on for all their operations. Let us manage your IT so you can manage your business.

  • Tailored IT solutions for construction companies: Having a reliable IT support company that can handle your needs is essential. We know you work in a fast-paced industry and need instant support to troubleshoot issues anytime, anywhere.
  • We understand the uniqueness of the construction industry and the challenges our customers face, including: multiple locations - several temporary locations, user numbers change frequently, portable application and mobile device support and configuration, remote job tasks.

We take pride in supporting our customers' systems and ensuring uptime, providing support for third-party applications, and working with vendors when issues arise.

  • We take the time to understand your specific business needs and design customized solutions that help you be more productive and get the job done faster.  
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Digital Media IT Solutions


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Arguably, disruptive technologies and changing consumer behavior have turned the tide on the entire media and entertainment industry. Customized content, media, and services are what consumers want, including access to their favorite devices. The whole proliferation is due to the intrusion of robust entertainment technology solutions in diligence.

DigitalCook offers comprehensive IT solutions for the media industry. This includes all major segments. For example, cloud services, live streaming app development and maintenance, media streaming, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and consumer content analytics for media and entertainment IT solutions. We offer our customers tailor-made media technology solutions to enable our clients to meet their objectives.

DigitalCook’ seasoned professionals can deliver any media and entertainment solution, from custom apps to social networking portals. We offer comprehensive solutions that include product development, augmented reality, digital transformation solutions, and more.

Our Services in the different media sectors

DigitalCook delivers comprehensive digital solutions that redefine how the media and entertainment industry work.

Live streaming applications

DigitalCook helps build the digital future on the foundation of live streaming apps. Easily live stream your business, event, or anything to any device with our world-class solution.

Digital video solution

DigitalCook renders a wide range of video solutions that allow users to work on multiple screens. Our digital video solutions enable you to edit, measure, tailor, monetize, and grow your digital content using multiple solutions.

Digital technology media supply chain

The DigitalCook team can help you digitize your media processes through automation. We develop solutions that provide real-time visibility into complex supply chain, production and distribution workflows across media companies.

Consumer and content analytics

DigitalCook provides a complete consumer and content analytics solution that helps customers optimize content according to location, season, day or consumer.

Ensure Availability

Deliver area-to-area reliability with a resilient platform that may deal with height instances effortlessly and speed.

Simplify Operations

Orchestrate all of your IT environments with great visibility and automatic app lifecycle management.

Secure Data and Apps

Safeguard information and programs with protection designs that exceed the necessities of the United States government.

Our Service Offerings

Infrastructure Management
Unified Communication and Device Management
Big Data and Database Management
Managed Infrastructure Services
Customer Experience
Location-primarily based totally revel in personalization
Omni-channel customer experience
Customer mobilization
Analytics & Business Intelligence
Marketing and Business Analytics
Revenue Management
Customer and Digital Analytics
Mobility Solutions
Mobility Advisory Services
Mobility Application Development Services
Mobility Quality Assurance (QA) Services
Enterprise Mobility
Application Lifecycle Management Services
Transformation centric NextGen AMS
Modernization, Implementation & support
DevOps & SecOps
Quality Assurance & Testing
Digital Advisory & Consulting
Digital roadmap
Advisory & consulting
POC-POV-Implementation -Value consciousness in regions like RPA, AI & ML

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Content creation and development with DigitalCook

It is essential for creative businesses to enable creative teams to work faster, and in better conditions. For example, remote work and easy access to familiar resources and workflows are a necessity for modern creative firms. We help you by providing digital workspaces that offer your team the possibility to anywhere and at any time, while maintaining data and resources security.

Simplify your media processing infrastructure

The DigitalCook cloud platform provides flexibility, speed, scalability, and simplified management to power your media environment. The computing power required to perform common media processing tasks such as recording, transcoding, and packaging is increasing year by year. It is critical for the success of processing operations to have a proper infrastructure. However, things can quickly get complicated as your infrastructure needs grow. It is challenging to deploy a solution that performs optimally while remaining simple, flexible, and scalable.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Media and entertainment companies are threatened by changing consumer habits and new high-tech competitors. Established competitors have successfully digitized their products and services, but there may still be a lot of work to be done on your digital journey. DigitalCook media solutions transforms your data center and extends your operations to the cloud. We help you meet challenges by enabling you to do so.

Benefits of DigitalCook Media Solutions

Freedom to run any app with cloud-like benefits. Providing effortless performance and simplicity for your critical workflows by virtualizing your infrastructure with DigitalCook.

Turnkey solution: Provide a responsive infrastructure for virtual desktops and applications without the inconsistent performance and risks of traditional solutions.

Always available: Ensure the availability of your critical data with customizable DR options across local, remote, and cloud locations while maintaining centralized control.

Low running cost: Optimize operational efficiency with simplified management, a smaller footprint, and lower cooling and power costs.  

Ensure compliance: Reduce certification time and ensure ongoing compliance with automated checks and self-remediation.

Improve application responsiveness: Deliver fast and responsive apps to improve user experience.

Choice of hypervisor: Run your hypervisor of choice based on your budget and preferences.

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